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The Number One Lie On Resumes

I can already tell you the number one mistake to make on a resume is to lie. When you get stuck in that interview room and the company asks you about something you listed as your skill in which you actually have no idea bout, you’re gonna feel the heat.

Is it okay to stretch the truth to make you seem like a good candidate? Sometimes… but that’s only acceptable if you’re putting down a skill you know decently well and are willing to learn more about when you get the position. But flat out lying on a resume is a sure-fire way for you to become an occupational outcast. The worst part? Hiring managers are starting to catch on to these common lies.

The most prominent lie? Being proficient at Microsoft Excel. I get that it’s a hard program to maneuver, but it seems like everyone puts that on their resume even if they can’t open it. But aside from lying, here’s what else you need to avoid putting on your resume: a long paragraph.

Don’t open up by giving your life story, but at the same time don’t start with a generic sentence like “Creative and Hard-Working Individual Seeking Part-Time Job.” Those are two ways to get your resume scrapped as soon as it lands on the employer’s desk.

I opt to put my Clifton strengths atop my resume. That way, it can initiate a conversation during an interview so I can explain and show what I’m good at, not just tell people in daunting sentences why they should hire me.

And no more being proficient at Excel. If you can’t work it, don’t put it.

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