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5 Ways To Get Your Boss Behind You

Do you hate your boss? Well, many people do, but a boss’s job is hard and they have a lot to take care of.

The workplace looks very different from a boss’s point of view. There are, however, a few things you can do that should make any half-decent boss want to get behind you.

First, take charge of your projects and try to see them through from start to finish. Think about it from a boss’s point of view; what’s better than an employee that takes responsibility and does their job without being pushed or coddled? What “owning” your projects means is being a self-starter and holding yourself accountable for your results.

Next, let your boss know that you’ve got it covered. No matter what “it” is, make sure “it” is accounted for with a clear plan. If you can demonstrate that you have a clear plan and can take a worry of your boss’s mind, they’ll like you more for it. Having to micromanage employees is a boss’s worst nightmare.

Being a team player is a key part of being a good team member and a key part of being on your boss’s good side. If you work well with others, you’ll be noticed for it as time goes on.

It may be obvious, but chatting about things other than work, at the right time and place, is a great way to break the ice with colleagues. This is equally true of your boss, who is human after all. Keep it simple and just try to make some small talk about the weekend or a concert or something like that.

Lastly, clock in before your boss. If you’re already working when they arrive, you look like someone who can be relied on.

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