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‘The Ridge’ Takes Wallets To New Heights

The best feeling in the world is financial security: knowing your money is protected and in good hands. Now, you can get that piece of mind in the sleekest form of wallet fashion on the contemporary market. ‘The Ridge’ was a simple concept that aimed to transform the way we carry money into a wallet revolution thanks to founders Daniel and Paul Kane. All it took was the willingness and drive to scrap bulkiness for minimalistic functionality and, soon enough, ‘The Ridge’ brand was born.

Ridge wallets don’t just replace regular wallets, they redefine the entire accessory market. Each wallet is designed in house with either aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber at its core, ensuring quality materials for a quality products. The aluminum wallets have a vast array of colors that can fit any stylistic choice, but the titanium and carbon fiber wallets excel in durability and sleekness.

Coming in at a mere 6 millimeters in height, the Titanium Ridge Wallet is more than just functional; it’s aesthetically pleasing and extremely compact. With elastic bands on the side, the wallet can comfortably fit 12 cards within it and not stretch beyond its parameters. Each wallet also comes with a T5 Torx Screwdriver, in case you ever need to remove, replace, or readjust the screws and plating within the wallet.

Then there’s the Carbon Fiber Wallet, which was an immense surprise to me. Ridge’s lightest wallet to date, I had my doubts about its looks when first browsing the photos online. Yet, when it arrived, not only was it truly lightweight, its black and gray stitched pattern made for a stylish yet simplistic look that, for the first time ever, excited me about having a new wallet. At that point, I was ready to ditch the overstuffed leather piece of junk in my back pocket as soon as possible.

Each wallet can be customized with either a cash strap or a money clip, and you can’t go wrong with either. The clip is neither flimsy nor rigid, but instead a great balance between flexible and durable. Meanwhile, the cash strap sits snug around the back of the wallet, allowing for easy access to any extra cards or bills you decide to stuff back there. Neither one adds to the bulkiness of the wallet, and its up to personal preference which one you want because both function with excellence.

All of ‘The Ridge’ wallets come with RFID protective aluminum casing within its interior. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, which allows cards, passports, and other items to emit radio waves that are quickly picked up by scanners in order to speed up the identification process. The issue is that anyone with an RFID scanner can access this data… unless you have a Ridge wallet, of course. The aluminum casing blocks scanners and hackers from accessing your personal information, whether it be credit card or other personal items you carry around in your back pocket.

Not only do you get a slim, sleek, and stylish wallet, but you get a safe wallet. In the era of technology, you’d much rather be safe then sorry, especially when it comes to your money and your identity.

‘The Ridge’ brand doesn’t just stop with wallets, however. Once you find the wallet that fits your style, you can pair it with the ultimate Commuter Backpack. With its own RFID protecting pocket on the back side, this spacious bag has pockets galore, two water bottle holders, a luggage strap, a shock-resistant laptop compartment, and to top it all off, a mobile power bank pocket with an external USB port in order to charge your mobile device on the go. It’s the perfect, all-in-one package for travel, work, or any occasion, as the amount of items you can fit in this bag are endless. With comfortable nylon material and waterproof advantages, there really isn’t a backpack to compete with it on the market.

While ‘The Ridge’ brand also sells phone cases, I opted instead to grab the additional Power Bank which can be added to any Commuter Backpack purchase for an additional 20 dollars. Packed with 10,000 Milliamp Hours, this portable charging station powers itself up through a micro USB, but has a lightning port input, a USB-C input/output port, and an extra USB output port. Any device you can imagine can be charged with this powerhouse, and the sleek black matches the backpack to perfection.

Out of everything I received from ‘The Ridge,’ absolutely nothing disappointed me. From the modern and simplistic looks to the durable materials, everything about these products screams quality. If you’re looking to upgrade your wallet, you don’t have to climb mountains to find the perfect wallet. All you have to do is reach ‘The Ridge.’

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