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Secrets To Better Business Networking

You’re On Your Way to Better Networking Skills

As convention season kicks off it is a great time to brush up on your networking skills. Networking is extremely important not only in the business industry but in any industry really. Taking the time to introduce yourself to someone you may not know can be beneficial in the long run.

There is a bit of an art when it comes to reading a room full of people. Some people tend to stay in the corner when they see a room filled with strangers while others tend to be social butterflies starting a conversation with nearly anyone. But when it comes down to it those who are social butterflies are good at reading a room when it comes down to it. Showing that you’re in a corner may give off the vibe that you don’t want to talk with anyone.

It’s all about the body language. When people are standing in a small group in a U-shape or V-shape that could be a positive signal signifying that the group is open to discussion and new people so join in!

Another great tip is to read the energy level when you walk into a room. If it’s a very boisterous group making a lot of noise even laughing and having a good time, it’s probably better if you walk in with more confidence and fun personality. Now if it’s a lower key group you may tend to walk in more slowly and even ask to be introduced if you know a few people in the room.

But, even if you have a good initial connection with someone what ultimately makes for effective networking is taking those relationships outside of the room. Its one thing to network and forget about the business card they just gave you but when you bring it with you and stay in contact that’s what matters the most.

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