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Repair It or Replace It: Appliances

Having an appliance break is one of the worst feelings, but it’s yet another problem you have to deal with. We’re all faced with a simple option when the inevitable happens, we can either call a repairman and pay to have it fixed, or start shopping around to replace it. Next time you’re faced with this dilemma, follow these simple guidelines so know what to do.

To start, always check the manufacturer’s warranty before you do anything, read through the terms and conditions section in your owner’s manual – misplaced that file in your “organization system” that’s okay. You can usually find it online searching by the product’s make and model, most are covered for one to two years.

Next you should call the manufacturer’s service department, sometimes their knowledgeable technicians can help you troubleshoot the problem for free over the phone. Then if an in-home service call is necessary, remember to focus on how much the total appliance repair is going to cost you, not the service call rate.

Still unsure? One last thing to consider is the fifty percent rule. If the cost of your repairs are going to be over fifty percent of the cost of buying a new product, don’t do the repairs, especially if your item is more than fifty percent through it’s lifespan.

9-10 Year Lifespan

A/C Units

13-15 Year Lifespan

Gas/Elec. Ranges

So while a broken appliance may be frustrating, it doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. We feel your pain and hope this little guide helps you sort it out in no time!

Just in case you’ve gone the DIY route in the quest for properly working appliances, click on to the next page for some helpful hints on how to repair the most common (and troublesome) household appliances.

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