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Most Stressful High Paying Jobs

Managing stress of an everyday job can be hard enough for the regular person, but there are some professions out there that have large salaries but put a lot of pressure on their employees. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that cause the most stress. Stick around at the end of the video player for some tips on how to relieve that stress.

Making six figures sound nice, but there’s a lot of pressure on pilots to get every part of their job correct, as the lives of their passengers are in their hands. Just looking at pictures of a cockpit with all those buttons and levers makes me anxious.

Once again, one small mistake can cost someone their lives. I always hear people say they want to be an anesthesiologist because of the median salary of $280,000, but the pressure might not be worth the pay.

Police Officer
This is one of the lowest-paying job on the list, but dealing with criminals and getting disrespected daily is sure take a toll on your mental health.

Mental Health Counselor
While there is potential for a lot of money, stress and anxiety can be contagious. If you sit in a chair and listen to other people’s problems all day, you might leave work a little less happy than when you got in.

My advice is always to do what you love, no matter the pay. Don’t get stuck in a stressful career just for the money, because you won’t be happy.

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