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Melinda Gates on Women’s Biggest Problem in the Workplace

Melinda Gates On Women In The Workplace

“The first issue that women face in the workplace is confidence.”

Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of strongest and most powerful women in business. So when she has advice for women in the workplace, we’re listening.

It’s well known that men and women succeed differently in businesses and here are few tips for leveling the playing field and closing the gender gap.

The first issue that women face in the workplace is confidence. When there’s a new position opening up or an opportunity for a promotion, women are less likely to go for it. We completely agree with Melinda that it’s partially the responsibility of the management team to say, yes, you are ready, put your hat in the ring, and if you don’t get it, at least it’s some good experience for next time.

We’re definitely moving in the right direction, talking about it more, there’s a much more open dialogue in the world about gender equality in the business realm. But we need concrete action. Whether it’s boosting girls and women’s confidence to enacting policies that will make it easier for women to overcome this self-doubt, we can’t wait to see what Mrs. Gates has in store.

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