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Luxor Denies Allegations That Its Bitcoin Hashrate-Backed Product Is Similar To BlockFi Or Celsius 2.0

Image Source: Lukas Gojda / Shutterstock

The upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate-backed product from Luxor Technology, which could potentially offer returns of 10% to 13%, is being distinguished from failed products by BlockFi or Celsius. This distinction is due to the fact that its returns come from proof-of-work, not from “ponzi schemes,” as asserted by the product’s creator, Bitcoin mining firm Luxor Technology.

The legitimacy of Luxor’s hashrate-backed product was brought up in an Oct. 17 What Bitcoin Did podcast. Host Peter McCormack expressed concern about Luxor’s upcoming offering and discussed potential worst-case scenarios for the product.

Luxor’s Head of Derivatives Matt Williams told Cointelegraph that its hashrate-backed product is fundamentally different from products offered by BlockFi or Celsius, as it is backed by economic production.

Williams stated, “There is actual proof-of-work and demonstrable economic activity happening [here]. The return comes from miners giving up some of the margin that they would produce from their mining business to an investor that is financing their operation.”

“The main takeaway: the return comes from hashrate, not from pixie dust, ponzi schemes, or rehypothecation.”

Luxor’s product works through investors receiving a cut of loan repayments by posting Bitcoin as collateral to Luxor — which will then loan it to other miners to fund their operations.

The returns are generated when hashrate is purchased from a Bitcoin miner at a discounted price and is then “locked in” when sold at a higher price. Bitcoin in the form of mining rewards come from that hashrate. Luxor estimates investor returns will range from 10% to 13%.

The process will be managed through Luxor’s upcoming hashrate marketplace.

Williams claimed the offering means miner’s are provided with “better” access to capital because they won’t have to sell their mined BTC to fund their operations.

“It can be a more economically viable option for miners because they can receive funding upfront while retaining ownership of their mined Bitcoin,” he added.

Luxor stressed it isn’t using its own mining pool and is only acting as an intermediary between investors and mining firms. “We only custody bitcoin for a very short period of time as we move funds from the buyer (investor) to the seller (mining firm),” Williams said.

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“Any investment or loan that requires a Bitcoin holder to part control with their Bitcoin should receive tremendous diligence and scrutiny,” he said.

“The bitcoin lending and borrowing markets are very nascent and we are likely to see repeats of the failures that happened with BlockFi and Celsius unless investors on the whole exercise extreme caution.”

Williams stressed the hashrate-backed product isn’t available to everyone, only those who pass the firm’s due diligence checks.

Williams acknowledged Luxor’s hashrate-backed product rightfully comes with “inherent trepidation” in light of the BlockFi and Celsius bankruptcies and noted that investors are taking on counterparty risk with Luxor.

To mitigate those risks, Luxor said it will only work with “reputable miners” and may even mandate them to post insurance.

Luxor did not share when the product will be available.

Image Source: Lukas Gojda / Shutterstock

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