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How to Limit Interruptions at Work

Distance Yourself From Work Distractions

We know it’s hard to keep focused sitting at your desk half way through another eight hour day, but staying on track in the workplace is not only crucial for your next big promotions, it’s an important long-term skill to master. Here’s a few tips for making optimizing your workflow and taking out the interruptions from your day.

From a text, to a call or a post, it may not seem like it, but little interruptions can send you way off course. A new study’s found that your productivity at work is directly linked to the amount of distractions you get throughout the day.

So how do you limit the interruptions? For starters, keep that smart phone away, turn the volume down and put them completely out of sight.

Also, stay off social media until the end of the day and when it comes to email you inbox can be a big time vortex. Manage your email time by responding only to the important ones first, the others can wait.

Following these simple steps could increase your focus in the workplace and make you the go-to employee.

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