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How Personality Affects A Job Interview

# How Your Personality Influence a Job Interview

In a job interview, it’s not just about your qualifications on paper.

To ace a job interview, it’s crucial to pay attention to your demeanor. Your personality plays a significant role in determining whether you land the job or not, as noted in a recent report by Resume Library and TopInterview. While there are many aspects that can either make or break a job interview, here are the top five behaviors you should avoid.

1. **Arrogance**: According to input from numerous HR professionals, arrogance is a major turnoff for potential employers.
2. **Dishonesty**: Being dishonest will not help you build trust with your interviewer.
3. **Sense of Entitlement**: Displaying a sense of entitlement signals trouble to employers.
4. **Unreliability**: Showing unreliability is a significant negative trait in a job interview.
5. **Closed-mindedness**: Employers are not drawn to candidates who exhibit closed-mindedness.

On the other hand, employers are more inclined to hire candidates who demonstrate:
– **Confidence**
– **Authenticity**
– **Honesty**
– **Reliability**
– **Self-discipline**

Your personality traits are evident through your background and how you present yourself. Being humble, reliable, and hard-working usually brings more benefits to the table with less risk compared to having traits that turn off potential employers.

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