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How BI Norwegian Business School Can Turn You From Student To Celebrity Overnight!

Become The Talk of The Town At BI Norwegian Business School!

There are so many ways out there to become a celebrity. But no one ever thinks it’s going to happen to them, right? Going from student to celebrity? Yeah right, is what most people would say, but think again because BI Norwegian Business School is choosing you, yes you, the one from the small town in the middle of the country no one has ever heard of. And yes, this is probably one of the best ways you can go from student to celebrity overnight, so you’re not going to want to miss out!

Now if you’re looking to attend a business school either as a transfer, or new student, BI Norwegian Business School is choosing you for their program. Studying abroad is a positive and exciting experience, making new friends, new connections, and finding new perspectives but that’s not even mentioning that you will be receiving the best education out there as BI Norwegian Business School holds three accreditations, EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB, which give BI Norwegian Business School an impressive triple crown status, as well as being high up on the Financial Times’ European Business School Rankings.

BI Norwegian Business School has, for a long time, been focusing on creating a wide and exciting international student community. Today the school is hosting more than 1800 students from 106 different nations all over the world, and the number is steadily increasing year by year so you are bound to feel at home.

At BI Norwegian Business School, they know that studying abroad is about so much more then their accreditations and your successful future. Now leaving your every day life to move to a new environment can be tough so that’s why BI has decided to give one of you a flying start to your new life is Oslo by treating you like family and better yet, a celebrity, by simply introducing you to everyone and by everyone we mean more then just the student body.

That’s right, and this special treatment doesn’t just end in the student community it goes much further because the marketing students are creatively introducing you to the world as their international student celebrity. How so, you ask? Well to be precise your name and interests will be widely known and cheered from day one by having your name exposed all over the city of Oslo – on billboards, posters, in magazine ads and TV commercials. Even the soda machine will have a stack of products branded with the your name free of charge, however a customer can only receive the project if they pronounce the your name correctly into the vending machine.

And trust us you’re going to be the talk of the town and pssst you’re chances of being hired will be twice as good now that everyone knows your name and that you mean business. Coming to BI Norwegian Business School is an opportunity of a lifetime that you simply can’t pass up. So, are you ready to study abroad? Because Oslo is awaiting their newest celebrity… you!

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