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Condense and Customize Your Resume

Every potential job warrants its own unique persona.

Job hunting is a slow, arduous process, despite the modernization of the whole thing. There’s less applying in person, “hitting the pavement,” as it were, and more shooting out resumes and cover letters. I don’t mind that process; it’s certainly proved beneficial in the current climate. But in lieu of seeing your face, potential jobs need to get a read on you just from the things you write and send. This is why you need to write a real stunner of a resume.

I know, I know, customizing your resume and cover letter for every new job application is a pain in the butt. But the thing is not every job has the same methods, philosophies, and lingo. For example, a more tech-centric business may refer to its customers as “users,” while something more customer-facing may call them “clients.” It’s a minor detail, but recruiters do notice things like that. You need to show them that you did your homework before applying.

There are a few schools of thought on what should actually go into the actual resume. Personally, I believe it needs four things: education, experience, skills and interests. Not only that, but it’s all gotta fit on one page. Yep, it’s time to condense. If you have a lot of relevant education and experience, it can feel arduous to get it all into one page, but if you can manage it, it’ll look really slick. Remember to phrase everything as a positive; you didn’t just do such and such for this company, you contributed to the company’s advancement.

Positivity should be a good overarching theme for your resume and cover letters. Never self-deprecate, not even as a joke. If a recruiter sees you getting down on yourself, they’re going to write you off as a bummer. You want them to see you as a capable, positive, go-getter that’ll enrich their business.

Put your best foot forward and showcase your skills, and you will find the right job sooner or later.

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