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Boring Jobs That Pay Well

Sometimes, making the most money means sacrificing happiness for a big check. Here are some of the jobs that may be considered “boring” but still make the big bucks.

Sales Engineer
While they make $100,000 annually, dealing with sales is always boring and stressful. It means planning and dealing with annoying customers, which is bound to get really old really quick.

Loss Control Manager
Imagine a job where the only thing you do is talk to other people is how they can control their losses. It’s bound to get boring, or depressing, but it can make you up to $104,000 a year, so it might not be a bad idea to study.

Air Traffic Controller
You thought pilots make a ton of money? So do air traffic controllers. The only problem is that it’s a whole lot more boring sitting behind a computer watching where planes are going than actually flying one.

We all hated going to the orthodontist as kids, but its actually a really high paying job: $200,000 a year. You’re going to be sticking your face in people’s mouths for the rest of your days, but maybe the check is worth it.

This one needs no explaining. You’re examine the innards of other people. Not only is it disgusting, but it gets repetitive and boring at points, too.

So, think to yourself if you really want to deal with these painstakingly boring jobs for a big check.

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