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Money Management

Are Your Finances Making You Lose Sleep?

This isn’t a problem a cup of tea can fix.

Do you lose sleep worrying about your finances? Well, you’re far from alone. According to Business Insider, more than half of American adults lose sleep over their finances, though the specific money problems they cite depend on their age.

The biggest financial concern that most Americans lose sleep over is their everyday expenses. This is consistent across all age groups and includes everything from food to gas. These expenses are very difficult for most people to rein in, as many of them play an integral role in individuals’ daily routines. Cutting out certain forms of entertainment can be done, but cutting costs on things like coffee and food can disrupt a person’s busy day. Yes, making coffee at home is cheaper, but who has time for that? When it comes to solving Americans’ biggest financial problem, the solution is to tackle expenses one item at a time. Trying to control expenses doesn’t work in a broad context, but if you can target one area at a time, you can start to budget more effectively.

When it comes to the other financial concerns Americans hold, retirement and healthcare are the big ones. While over half of Americans lost sleep over finances, these are their specific concerns:

Everyday expenses: 32%

Retirement: 24%

Healthcare & insurance bills: 22%

Credit card debt: 18%

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