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Are You Being Underpaid?

The wage gap war has been wreaking through industries like a wildfire as more and more employees report being underpaid, especially when compared to a male counterpart. I’m here to lift the stigma and get down straight to the point. Look out for these 5 signs, and you’ll be able to tell if you’re not getting enough money for your misery at work.

1. Other Listings
If you check up on your employer on job posting websites and see a job with your description that’s being offered a higher salary at start, that’s a key sign you’re getting underpaid. If you’ve been with the company long enough, you should be getting paid more than entry level workers who perform your same tasks.

2. Booming Business
You’ll be able to tell when your sales are strong and your accounts are skyrocketing at your employer, but you should also be rewarded. If everything seems to be on an upward trend except your salary, try asking for a raise.

3. Colleague Comparison
I know it’s not polite to ask others for the amount of money they make, but sometimes it slips up in casual conversation and can be a red flag for if you’re making the right amount of money or not, especially compared to someone with a similar educational experience and similar tasks.

4. More Responsibilities
If day-in and day-out you exceed expectations and your higher-ups give you more tasks, you should get paid more. Make sure you’re getting paid to do your job description, not extra tasks that could be considered free labor.

5. You’re Content
If your employer knows you’re happy just to be working, chances are they won’t give you a raise, even if you’re overworking. Make sure that you put your foot down, even for companies you love.

So, are you being underpaid?

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