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Money Management

Am I Rich?

Building up your wealth to whatever level you can or see as appropriate is a very personal journey.

If you’re ambitious and you know you want to accomplish more financially than the average American, how much do you actually need to make?

While the journey to success in life is not one you should be comparing yourself to everyone else for, it can be helpful to keep yourself in check. With this in mind, Harness Wealth put together a study to classify the average net worth at any given age. The study used household-wealth data from the Federal Reserve’s 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances.

First of all, the average American household has an income of $97,300. If you want to aim high, the wealthiest 20% of Americans have a median net worth of almost $500,000. To keep things clear, your net worth is what you have after you subtract your liabilities (what you owe) from your assets (what you own). So, having a high income is no guarantee of a high net worth. If your financial habits are sound, you can easily acquire more wealth than someone who currently has a higher income than you. Depending on your age, here are the barriers you need to break to be considered rich. These figures are the median net worth for the wealthiest 20% in a given age group:

18 to 25: $22,750

26 to 30: $82,500

31 to 35: $144,950

36 to 40: $218,400

41 to 45: $379,000

46 to 50: $546,200

51 to 55: $586,470

56 to 60: $998,100

61 to 65: $1,015,350

66 to 70: $852,300

71 to 75: $990,500

76 to 99: $1,003,800

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