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5 Questions Job Interviewers Want YOU To Ask THEM

We all know that dreaded end of a job interview where the company asks “Do you have any questions for us?”

Well now, come prepared with these five rebuttals to show that interviewer you mean business!

1. How would you describe the company culture?
Let the company know that you’re interested in more than just the position. Truly gauge if you will fit in with the values of the other employees.

2. What challenges are the team currently facing?
Show them you’re a forward thinker. By expressing that you have the company’s best interests in mind from the get-go, as well as providing potential solutions, you will definitely stand out as a candidate.

3. Can you tell me about your personal company experience?
Engage specifically with the person interviewing you. It will get them engaged more with you as a person.

4. Why is this position available?
No one wants to apply to a tanking company, so gain some insight into the position you’re applying for. This is crucial to ask to start-ups and business looking to expand their field.

5. What should my focus be within the first few months?
Jump the gun before they tell you what to do. Show your enthusiasm so you can gain the knowledge necessary to leap in right on your first day.

So stop letting interviewers grill you, and turn the tables on them. Just remember not to come off as too strong or aggressive… At the end of the day, they still decide if you get the position or not.

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